You say that you perform at clubs and festivals, does that mean that you’ll be playing more of a 'club' set? I’m not sure that’s what we’re looking for…

No, absolutely not. My career outside of wedding events is something quite separate to what I do at weddings. My absolute priority is to make sure that every last person at your reception has fun dancing to the songs they know and love. However one aspect that sets me apart from the competition is my ability to take my experience of playing at bars, clubs and festivals and transfer those skills (mixing, reading different crowds etc.) to your wedding reception. Furthermore, should you be looking for a certain underground genre set after midnight, then I can cater for that with electro-swing, house, hip-hop or drum and bass (amongst a dozen others) that very few other wedding DJs can provide. But otherwise no, all the music will be very familiar to you and your guests.

How would you describe your style on the decks?

DJing is all about connecting on a personal level with the people in front of you, and crucially bringing an energy into the room that changes with who is dancing and as the night progresses. My carefully curated playlists mean I can get through an enormous number of tracks and selection of genres through my set (without burying my head in a laptop all night), all delivered with a dose of flair and mixing techniques to ensure it all seamlessly integrates into a coherent set. Whether it's sing-a-long classics, head-banging indie, shape-throwing hip-hop, wine-ya-waist dancehall or hands-in-the-air dance tracks, there is no shortage of ideas on where to take the dancefloor and plenty of imaginative changes of direction to switch things up and keep the party going all the way into the night. 

What will you be wearing?

I dress much like any other guest at your wedding, with smart trousers, shiny shoes, a white shirt with collar, a tie, perhaps a waistcoat, and often a wool trilby.

Will you be: dashing out for a cigarette every 10 minutes, putting on a mix and disappearing for ages, singing over the top of the music, making awkward jokes on the microphone, turning up with friends or hangers on or getting drunk?

No. DJing requires my absolute full concentration and I make sure that it is you and the music that takes centre stage and that the night is memorable for all the right reasons. My reputation as one of the leading mobile wedding DJ’s in Bristol means everything to me and I am proud to provide my clients with a totally professional service that goes above and beyond what you’re expecting. 

How long do you play for? Is there an extra cost if we want music with our meal or want you to stay on later than midnight?

I take the approach that once you’ve booked me for your reception, I’m yours for as long as you need me for. I can only play one wedding a day and there are no extra charges involved for staying on till 2am or even later should the party still be going strong. 

Furthermore, should you wish to have a soundtrack to other parts of the day, such as the wedding breakfast, or champagne/canapé reception, then I can provide this again at no extra cost. In fact, you can think of me as your wedding music consultant for the whole day, not just the evening party.

How Will You Deal With Requests?

My requests policy is to play the ones that I believe will make people dance and politely 'manage' the ones that I think will kill the dance floor, often by suggesting alternatives. Managing requests can be one of the toughest aspects of being a DJ and experience is vital in this regard. Fortunately I have plenty.

Sounds great! How does the booking process work?

To secure the date I just a need a deposit of 50% to be paid by online transfer or cash paid into my account at any branch of Lloyds. Once that has been received I will confirm it by email and provide a receipt should you need one for insurance purposes or your peace of mind. The deposit is non-refundable for any reason unless I should be unable to perform at your reception due to illness, accident or any other reason within my responsibility, (it’s never happened) in which case all your money shall be returned within 28 days. The remaining 50% of the payment is due one week before the date of your reception (or earlier should you prefer).

We can arrange further consultation closer to the time if useful, after I have received the consultation form back (either as a PDF by email or by post). To view the consultation form just click here