You say that you perform at clubs and festivals, does that mean that you’ll be playing more of a 'club' set? Can we see a playlist before we book you to make sure we'll enjoy it? 

Rest easy, they'll be no ego DJing at your wedding. My absolute priority is to make sure that every last person at your reception has fun dancing to the songs they know and love. However I won't be handing out any playlists in advance. I really won't know exactly which tunes I would be playing on the night anyway. A lot of what goes into my sets will be heard at lots of other weddings (it's the nature of the wedding game), but a lot of it you won't, and certainly not the way I'll mix it. I use a lot of mash-ups, bootlegs (unofficial remixes often made by myself or fellow DJ friends) and edits to create something that is unique to your party. 

I have a consultation form that you totally should (but don't have to) fill out in advance that covers everything I need to know to make sure you hear all the kinds of things you both like and nothing you don't.

Of course, should you be looking for something a little (or a lot) less mainstream at any point in the evening, then I've got you covered with my enormous collections of house, hip-hop, garage, drum and bass and a dozen others, in a way very few other wedding DJs can provide. Shout out to my jungle massive. [Airhorn] 

How would you describe your style on the decks?

In a few of words? Energetic, focused, busy, creative, mashed-up.  I get through an enormous amount of music in my sets, all tightly mixed whilst playing to the crowd at all times, with good use of effects, interesting transitions and lots of imaginative switch ups coming out of leftfield. A lot of my reviews use the word passionate about me and for good reason. I love what I do and it shows.

You know that DJ that is sat in the corner with their head buried in a laptop playing tunes that 'seemed to work fine last time', waiting to finish so they can pack up and go home? I am the exact opposite of this.

Can we give you a setlist of all our favourite songs that we want you to play?

Everyone has favourite tunes that they know will get them and their friends on the dance floor guaranteed, and believe me, I DEFINITELY want to know about them. However I'm really only after about 10-15 tunes maximum. If you give me a spreadsheet or Spotify list of 200 songs that you have decided will make the ultimate dance party then I'm afraid you're going to be disappointed. If you hire me then you'll need to have faith that I will do a better job of picking the tunes on the night than you will from your living room three months in advance. I'm great at what I do. Let me do me and you guys concentrate on busting out your best moves on the dance floor. 

What will you be wearing?

I'll be dressed to blend in with your guests, so you can expect me to fix up, look sharp and look like I belong at your wedding. 

Are you LGBTQ+ friendly? 🏳️‍🌈

Absolutely, I've done lots of LGBTQ+ weddings so far and look forward to doing many more. Love is love and should be celebrated equally no matter which wonderful form it takes.

Will you be: dashing out for a cigarette every 10 minutes, putting on a mix and disappearing, singing over the top of the music, making awkward jokes on the microphone, turning up with friends or getting drunk?

Not a chance. Proper DJing requires total concentration and I make sure that it is you and the music that takes centre stage and that the night is memorable for all the right reasons. My reputation as one of the leading mobile DJs in the southwest means everything to me and I am proud to provide my clients with a totally professional service that goes above and beyond what you’re expecting. 

How long do you play for? Is there an extra cost if we want music with our meal or want you to stay on later than midnight?

My pricing structure is simple and transparent. There are two separate prices depending what you need me for. One for an evening set (arrival after 5pm) and another for the full day (highly recommended), including music wherever it's needed such as the ceremony, a champagne and canapé reception, instrumental background music with the wedding breakfast, a warm-up set after dessert, and of course the evening set. This will eliminate the need for things like asking a friend to hit play as you walk down the aisle, renting a sound system for the afternoon, organising playlists or hiring other musicians for various parts of the day.

There is no extra cost for any unplanned extra hours. I go home when the party ends, never the other way round.

How do you deal with requests?

Ah, requests. The double edged sword. From the drunk uncle asking to play "that song that was on Match of the Day last weekend" to the flurry of bridesmaids demanding 'Dolly Parton' as the "NEXT SONG!". Requests can be a blessing or a curse, so knowing how to politely decline the ones that will kill the vibe, and identifying which are insider dance floor weapons is key here. Handling requests can be one of the toughest aspects of being a DJ and experience is vital. Fortunately I have over a decade of it. I got you.

Many of your competitors have 'Gold' and 'Silver' packages and offer extras such as photobooths and starry backdrops. How come you don't? 

I have one, simple package: great sound, great lights, great DJing. There is no '2nd Tier' package because when you book me you can count on me bringing everything you'll need for a fantastic party at your venue and nothing that isn't. I won't try to upsell you by not including certain things as standard, and I don't provide extras such as photobooths, LED dancefloors or starry backdrops because my focus is and always will be on what I'm great at; selecting and mixing the music that will make your guests dance until their feet hurt. (If you need a photobooth I can recommend a good friend who can provide one at a good price.)

We've hired a band and they're going to play two separate hour long sets, with a 45 minute break in the middle. They say they can either DJ or put on a playlist when they're not playing. Do you really think we need to hire a professional DJ as well?

Everybody loves a great band, myself included. But it's an extremely common dilemma. You need four hours of entertainment but the band is only offering two. Not only does this create a lull in the middle when everyone is fired up at a peak time, but it also typically leaves you with an hour (or more) at the end after the band has finished. Pre-arranged playlists might fill the silence, but how can you be sure that everyone will keep dancing and the party won't just end with a whimper. This is exactly where an experienced DJ will pick the songs that specifically compliment the band's set. Bands tend to cover the big sing-a-long rock, pop and motown anthems, which is why I will work with them to make sure that the music I play brings a whole fresh new feel and atmosphere to proceedings, giving you the best of both worlds. And if the drummer "reckons he can DJ as well", then make sure to verify this beforehand by seeing good evidence they can. I would no more hire a drummer to DJ at my wedding than I would attempt to play the drums at theirs.

Sounds epic! How does the booking process work? What are your terms?

Marvellous! You've made a solid choice. I highly recommend a Zoom or WhatsApp video call to get to know each other a little bit but realise that some couples prefer to correspond solely through email, and that's fine too. When you're all good and ready then the booking process is easy peasy lemon squeezy. I just a need a deposit of 50% to be paid by online transfer and the date is yours. Once that has been paid I'll let you know it's arrived safe and sound by email and provide a receipt should you need one for your insurance guys or just for your peace of mind.

The deposit is non-refundable for any reason unless I should be unable to perform at your reception due to personal illness (yes, including COVID), accident or any other reason within my responsibility, in which case all your money shall be returned within 7 days, no quibble. In such circumstances I will make every possible effort to ensure that you are not left without entertainment on the night, from finding a replacement DJ (and I know a few great ones) to setting up a sound system and lights at your venue beforehand so you can plug in your own phones/laptops. In fourteen years this has never come close to this happening (touch wood) and I've never missed a booking. The remaining payment is due one week before the date of your reception. The agreement set in place as stated in your confirmation of booking email is exclusively for the date and venue intitially agreed upon and any changes to either will result in an adjustment fee based on a new quote (assuming I am available for the revised date). If lockdown hits again then all bets are off and you can either get a free rebooking for an equivalent date in the future (same season/day of week) or you can just cancel our agreement and get your deposit back. They'll be no COVID dramas here.