PRICE GUIDE 2024/2025

All prices include an awesome sound system, great lights and a wireless microphone. If your wedding party has upwards of 200 guests or is outside of the UK then please get in touch for a bespoke quote.

Otherwise I offer two options:

EVENING SET - Arrival anytime from 5pm, set-up takes approximately one and a quarter hours after load in (moving all my kit into the room I'll be playing in, although a reduced system can be used if time is of the essence or your party is small)

ALL DAY - Arrival any time on the day. Includes music for the Ceremony (as chosen by you), the Champagne/Canapé Reception (swing, reggae, acoustic and everything that sounds great with a glass of champagne in your hand), the Wedding Breakfast (instrumental jazz or acoustic background music), a Warm-Up Set (funk, soul, swing and hip-hop - venue permitting), and finally the Evening Set (everything you love that will make you and your guests dance to the very end). All given genres are examples and can be switched up by you on request.


Weekend - EVENING SET - £850

Weekend - ALL DAY - £1200

Week Day - EVENING SET - £700

Week Day - ALL DAY - £1000




Travel to anywhere within 30 miles by road from Bristol city centre is inclusive. Additional travel is charged at a rate of £1 per mile one way. Any tolls, parking and congestion charges will also be added. Distances calculated by Google Maps. (e.g If your venue is 85 miles from Bristol, add £55 to your total price.)



 Upon payment of the deposit to secure your date we are both agreeing to abide by the following terms and conditions. The booking confirmation email represents a legally binding agreement between Offbeat Entertainment as the supplier and yourself as the client and protects us both.

 In the event of an unforeseen situation arising I will always look to resolve any issues as fairly as possible with the best possible outcome for all.

1. The deposit is non-refundable for any reason unless I become unable to perform at your event through circumstances reasonably deemed to be within my responsibility, including illness or injury. Circumstances arising from what solicitors call 'an act of God' (flood, fire, storm damage etc) where the venue has become unsuitable or unsafe for a DJ performance shall not be a valid reason for a refund. In such instances wherein the fault lies with me, responsibility and liability is limited to a refund of all monies paid. I will also make every single humanly possible effort to ensure that you are not left without entertainment on the night, from finding a replacement DJ (and I know a few great ones) to setting up a sound system and lights at your venue beforehand so you can plug in your own phones/laptops/iPods to DJ with. In over fifteen years of doing business this has never even come close to happening and I've never missed a booking for any reason other than for COVID-19 restrictions.
2. The agreement set in place as stated in your booking confirmation email is exclusively for the date and venue initially agreed upon and any late changes to either may result in an adjustment fee based on the new venue location and/or change of date (if from a week day to weekend). The deposit may be carried over to the new date, however, if I am unavailable for the new date the deposit shall be forfeited.
3. You are wholly responsible for the behaviour of your guests and agree to replace or repair (at my discretion) any equipment that is damaged (accidently or otherwise) or stolen during my time at the venue. I also have a strict 'zero tolerance' policy on any abusive or anti-social behaviour by guests. If someone is making it difficult to do my job, by being either verbally or physically threatening or abusive, then the music will be stopped immediately. No further music will be played until the unruly guest has left the venue permanently and to my satisfaction. If the guest is still on the premises after 5 minutes I shall begin to pack up my equipment and will continue to do so until the guest has left. Only then may I consider resetting-up my equipment and continuing my set, however this will be done entirely at my discretion. (This, again, has thankfully never happened.) 

I am, of course, very happy to clarify any of the above terms and answer any questions you may have regarding your specific circumstances so please don't be afraid to throw hypotheticals at me. It is important to me that you are clear and happy with my terms and conditions when you book me.