My totally badass sound system sounds incredible and you will feel the music in the pit of your soul. UV uplighters and LED battens will create a stylish party atmosphere that will look #amazing in all your photos.


Great sound is crucial to making people flock to the dance floor and I've thoroughly geeked out here. Italian audio company RCF have been absolutely slaying it with their pro speakers over the last decade, supplying sound equipment to many of the biggest stages in the world. My primary top cabinets are a pair of RCF ART 910-A active speakers, giving an incredibly clear and natural sound, coupled with a mighty RCF 705-AS MKII subwoofer, that properly fills out the low end with warm, punchy sub bass you can really feel. I use these in conjunction with the highly regarded RCF Evox 8 column speakers to create a truly impressive seven speaker 8.4kW system that I have designed specifically to be the optimum sound set-up for a wedding barn, hotel reception room or marquee and it will easily provide sound for up to 200 people. If your venue is especially huge and I think that you'll need even more sound equipment then I will arrange all that for you. Wherever you hold your party, my sound system will seriously bounce your dance floor.


It wouldn't be a party without great lighting and my collection of carefully curated lights will give you a vibrant space that will make you and your guests want to dance all night long. With LED battens and modern LED uplighters (colour washes) that project gorgeous UV colours on to the walls and dance floor, you'll have something that has more in common with a festival tent than a mobile disco. I don't go in for scanning lasers, widescreen TVs, 'your name in lights!' type projectors, starlit backdrops, strobe effects, UV canons, putting my DJ name or logo on everything, love hearts light effects, or anything else that distracts from the intimacy and beauty of the occasion. I firmly believe that less is usually more with disco lights and always look to enhance the character of the venue rather than create some migraine inducing cacophony of random lighting effects.


All of my equipment is of the highest quality and kept in great condition through regular servicing, renewing and PAT inspections. I carry plenty of spares ensuring there are no technical disasters on the night, and I have PLI (Public Liability Insurance) for up to £10,000,000, a certificate of which can be sent to either yourselves or the venue on request.