One of the founding principles upon which Offbeat was built was to not compromise on sound quality.

The main sound system is a pair of RCF Evox 8, giving an incredibly clear and balanced sound that can cover even a large room or marquee of up to 200 people comfortably. And, should the room demand it, I'll bring with me a mighty RCF 705-AS MKII subwoofer, that really fills out the low end with warm, punchy sub bass you canreally feel. You will not be disappointed.

In addition to this system I also own a 12" portable wireless PA speaker that I can use to get sound or music into any part of the venue, so if you want your reception drinks at the far end of the garden, I can provide background music for that. It's also useful for wireless microphone speeches outside where there is no power supply, and also for providing music for the ceremony/signing the registrar when positioning is crucial.

Lighting for a party is so important and my aim is to produce a vibrant, elegant atmosphere that will make you and your guests want to dance in. My lighting stands with moving head beams are versatile in terms of positioning, with no trailing wires or messy scaffolds. This allows for a quick set-up even in less than ideally shaped spaces. Used together with modern LED uplighters that project gorgeous UV colours on to the walls and dance floor, I create something that has more in common with a festival tent rather than a mobile disco. I steer clear of things like scanning lasers, widescreen TVs, 'your name in lights!' type projectors, starlit backdrops or anything else that distracts from the intimacy and beauty of the occasion. For me it's about enhancing the existing character of the venue rather than overwhelming your carefully thought out style or theme.

For DJing I use the flagship Pioneer DDJ-1000SRT, with its enormous functionality allowing me to really express myself fully when mixing off a Macbook giving me every song and playlist at my fingertips.

All of my equipment is of high-end quality and kept in great condition through regular servicing and inspection. I carry plenty of spares for ensuring there are no technical disasters on the night, and I have a PLI (Public Liability Insurance) certificate for up to £10,000,000, a copy of which can be sent to yourselves or the venue on request.